The Water Cycle Under a Changing Climate: Using Hydroscience and Engineering for a Sustainable Future


What is hydroscience? Why not focus on hydrology, hydraulics, or some combination thereof? The answers are in the synergy of not only hydrology and hydraulic conveyance, but also transport processes, biology, chemistry, and meteorology as well as the system dynamics and service values. Our quest is to better understand these complex natural and engineered systems. ICHE 2012 places particular emphasis on our water cycle under a changing climate.

  • General Conference Topics
  • Special Session Topics

General Conference Topics

• Climate Change and Hydroscience
• Coastal Processes and Engineering
• Emerging Directions in Computational Hydroscience
• Hydrology, Water Resources, and Human Impacts
• Lake and River Restoration
• Remote Sensing and Field Monitoring
• Sediment Transport and Morphodynamic Processes
• Stochastic Processes in Hydroscience
• Surface and Ground Water Flows
• Sustainability: Water, Environmental and Ecosystem Services
• Water Quality and Contaminant Transport
• Water Resources Management and Governance

November 4 – 7, 2012
Rosen Plaza Hotel
Orlando, Florida
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